Met Ball 2014: Four Fabulous Celebrity Trends (women’s fashion)

Met BallWith excitement still buzzing around the recent Met Ball 2014, let’s take a step back to consider some of the

celebrity trends that came out in force at this glamorous event. With this year’s theme being ‘White Tie and

Decorations’ in tribute to Charles James, many were inspired by the classic 1950s look, although others went their

own way effortless ease.

Whilst there were certainly some fashion shockers on the red carpet that night, we can also get a great insight into

the ball gown trends for 2014 from some of the hottest celebrities on the block.

Black and White

In true white (and black) tie style many of the celebrities chose to go for classic combination outfits for the Met Ball

this year. Victoria Beckham, Rihanna, Stella McCartney and Sarah Jessica Parker are just a few of the women who

went for the less-is-more colour scheme, and they certainly weren’t alone. With a 1950s twist on the white tie

theme, they paid a fitting tribute to Charles James and looked absolutely fabulous in doing so.


It wasn’t all about show stopping dresses and floating trails at this year’s Met Ball, and some celebrities chose to

break the mould by opting for a more svelt look. Cara Delevigne, Kristen Wiig and Brie Larson all turned heads in

heels and trousers for a smarter, more cosmopolitan look. And they probably had a much easier time getting up the

stairs! Wear with a chic blazer to give your outfit a little glamour, or a statement necklace can really finish this outfit


High Slit Dresses

Celebrities weren’t afraid to show off the efforts at the gym at this year’s Met Ball, with high slit dresses high on the

pecking order for many outfits. Perhaps the sauciest of these celebrity dresses was Kim Kardashian’s; this deep

blue dress revealed more than just her legs with an accidental flash during the evening. Zoe Kravitz, Emma Stone

and Rita Ora also joined the ranks of those loving the high slit dress in stunning outfits.


Bold colours and big dresses aren’t the only way to make a statement, as diva Beyonce showed us with her outfit

choice for Met Gala 2014. Her black beaded dress was a sophisticated twist on the classic colour, and matched

with a stylish veil gave her a sexy look that made onlookers do a double take. Other celebrities joined the trend,

with Kristen Stewart wearing a mismatch of lace, beads and feathers, whilst Suki Waterhouse got ruffled up in her

layered dress.

Celebrity red carpet outfits are not only a fascinating insight into the world of the A listers, but if you’re going to a

ball or special event this summer, they can provide plenty of inspiration. So whether going for the timeless

black/white tie look or breaking away from the crowds by suiting up with trousers and stilettos, Met Ball 2014 has

led the way for choosing ball gowns, suits and dresses this summer.

Luxury Dress Trends for Spring

X - luxury_dresses_1Luxury dresses are always in—who doesn’t love the look, feel and quality of a high end dress? Luxury dresses are considered just about the top of the line when it comes to dresses and fashion. They are often made with materials that not only look good, but are made to last and can withstand wear and tear that non-luxury dresses can’t. (Caveat: of course, some luxury dresses are made with expensive fragile materials, such as delicate chiffons and laces!)

Although luxury dresses themselves are always in, the styles and trends that influence the design of luxury dresses changes with every season. What’s in store for luxury dresses this spring? Let’s take a look at the hottest trends!

Trend: Bold Power Prints

Dresses this spring will be sporting bold power prints—prints with impressive designs that stand out as bold and intense, when compared to more subdued prints like soft florals or pastel stripes. Bold power prints are going to be especially popular with darker dresses, such as black and dark blue dresses; the prints will range in style from geometric shapes to tribal-inspired patterns and range in colors from greens and reds to stunning blues and purples. Most of the power prints on luxury dresses this spring season will be semi-border prints rather than full or all-over prints, which will help balance out the intensity of the power print with the rest of the dress.

Trend: Longer skirts

Short skirts are usually a given for spring, but this year it’s longer hemlines—tea length, in particular—that will be making a splash on the fashion pages. Luxury dresses at tea length (especially when paired with pastels) will be the perfect choice this spring.

Trend: Retro Florals

Retro florals are coming back in a very big way this spring fashion season! Retro florals cover two distinct types: the soft, 1950s style florals which typically come in more feminine and subdued colors and the bolder, 1970s style florals which are almost power prints in their own rights. Retro florals are more likely to be all-over prints in this spring season’s luxury dresses and will go perfectly with other retro touches, such as pin curls, soft pink lipsticks and fashionable clutches. Some design houses are even utilizing vintage fabrics to create more unique, limited edition retro floral luxury dresses—so if you’re in the market to have something very unique, keep your eyes open and wallet ready!X - luxury_dresses_12

Trend: Full Skirts

Full skirts on luxury dresses are another sign that retro is definitely “in!” Fuller skirts for this spring fashion season should be full enough to create a noticeable amount of flounce in your step (and your twirl!) although the fullness can depend on length, material and your personal style. Full skirts on luxury dresses are going to be particularly popular with retro florals and pastel fabrics, which will create a more overall retro feminine look; some of these fuller skirts on dresses may even be worn with crinoline underskirts to give them some additional poof.

2Great Designer Vests

X - designer_vest_2Designer vests are the latest hot ticket item for men looking to up their fashion ante with something that is high quality, well designed, but also comfortable and practical. Vests are a great way for men to add something to their wardrobe that is both practical and versatile; vests are not only ideal for outdoor trips, such as fishing or hiking, they are great choices for shaking up a wardrobe by pairing the vest with multiple items to create multiple looks.

Designer vests themselves are versatile, and designer vests are known to come in a multitude of different shapes, sizes and prices—and, of course, colors! If you are looking for designer vests, you may feel overwhelmed at the sheer number of choices available to you online, offline and everywhere in between; this is only natural! If you are unsure about what designer vests to purchase, the following guide to two very good choices of designer vests may help you narrow down your purchase choices.

BrunelloCucinelli: Plaid Flannel Vest

BrunelloCucinelli is well known for their range of high quality, high-end designer vests that are suited to just about any particular fashion taste.

The BrunelloCucinelli Plaid Flannel vest is made from high quality wool, and it is lined and reinforced with high quality nylon. The vest comes in a subtle dark grey plaid which makes it perfect for low key ensembles or for pairing with less subtle patterns, including brighter plaids or stripes.

The BrunelloCucinelli Plaid Flannel Vest features two hand-sewn pockets; one angled patch pocket which is closed and opened with matching buttons and one chest pocket which is ideal for storing items that are better kept hidden for safety or practical purposes, such as wallets or phones. It is ideal for buyers interested in purchasing a more laid-back, “rugged” vest which is best for casual occasions and is ideal for being worn on fishing trips or similar outdoor excursions.

The BrunelloCucinelli Plaid Flannel Vest is available for a retail price of $2310.00.

BrunelloCucinelli Linen Vest

BrunelloCucinelli is well known for their range of high quality, high-end designer vests that are suited to just about any particular fashion taste

The BrunelloCucinelli Linen Vest is made from high quality linen material which comes in a dark, navy grey with no pattern or stripes. It features numerous practical pockets, including: a lined and reinforced chest pocket; a besom coin pocket ideal for storing small change; and unique reinforced welt pockets for storing small accessories safety.X - designer_vest_21

The BrunelloCucinelli Linen Vest features a V-neck design that closes with functional front buttons. It is perfect for buyers looking for a casual, but still attractive designer vest with a subtle appearance and a relatively lower price. It is ideal for causal events and may be paired with more formal wear to make it more suitable for a formal occasion.

The BrunelloCucinelli Linen Vest is available for a retail price of $830.00

Best Bridal lingerie for Every Gown Style

X - Bridal Lingerie (2)1The wedding is one of the most memorable days in a woman’s life. This is why during that day, everything must be perfect. There is no room for flaws or imperfections because even a simple fashion disaster can result into a domino effect of tragedy. The bride should also look her best during her wedding and stand out from the rest because after all, that is her day, that is her moment. In this regard, a bride to be must carefully choose everything that she will wear on her wedding day. This article will focus on the right bridal lingerie that fits perfectly for different gown styles.

Generally there are four styles of gowns. These are the column gowns, the princess style gowns, the mermaid gowns, and the ball gowns. Other styles of gowns are only deviations from the four basic styles.

Different bridal lingerie does not fit to every kind of gown. That is why what undergarments a bride chooses must be carefully pondered upon.

For the column gown, a slip is usually the most preferred lingerie. The slip can be either a full slip or a half slip. The bride can experiment in different lengths that she desires. Generally, bulges and lines are also avoided in this type of gown so going seamless is also a good option. This is all because column gowns are usually very sheer and flowy so bulges and lines may be evident in the gown.

The next kind of gown, the princess style or the A-line gown, is very accommodating to almost any figure. This is why no particular bridal lingerie is best suited for this type of gown. Any kind of lingerie will do because the A shape of the gown virtually hides anything under it.

The next gown is the mermaid type of gown. This gown is usually very fitting or curve hugging. This means the gown will reveal the woman’s figure so lines and seams are a big no too. Brides wearing mermaid type dresses should go for high waisted shaping bridal lingerie like thongs.

Lastly for ball gowns, brides should opt for lingerie that can accentuate the waistline and make a bustier, fuller figure. This is usually done by wearing corset and waist cincher to emphasize the waist and sporting strapless, seamless bustier bra to lift, hold, and support the breast.

In every wedding, there must be absolutely no mistakes regarding the bride’s clothing, so trusted clothing stores like Damaris and its bridal lingerie department should be the first option of women. Well established clothing stores give women vast choices when picking the right lingerie to go with the wedding gown.

Going Somewhere with Your Plus Size Jackets?

X - goinggirlywithyourplussizejacketsWearing plus size clothing nowadays is as easy as one, two, three. There are so many styles and colors to choose from that plus size fashionistas need not worry about where they can get that latest fashion trends. One of the great trends that hopefully are here to stay is plus size jackets. Jackets are a great wardrobe staple because almost always, they can complement any outfit and they can connote a variety of persona. Whether you are a rocker chic, bohemian spirited or a hopeless romantic, there are sure ways that you can use your jackets. Besides, jackets can also be used for everyday outfits, which is why they are so versatile.

Your plus size jackets can be worn in many ways, the first of which is a lady like ensemble. You can try wearing a khaki vintage style jacket and pair it with a pleated skirt, white v-neck shirt, lace up combat boots and a fedora hat. You can also add some gold bangles to finish up the look. This outfit will be a sure hit with your friends on your next shopping spree. When you are feeling a bit romantic, you can try wearing a white lace jacket over a soft sleeveless top and pair it with a flowy ballet skirt, pink flat shoes and some accessories. This is a perfect outfit for a date at a coffee shop. Now, if you are going to a rock concert, why not wear a tough leather jacket over your black-gray Guns n’ Roses tee and pair it with a ripped up skinny jeans, lace up combat boots and pile on those rocker accessories? You will be ready in no time to scream your lungs out and do some head banging.

In case you’re still not satisfied with how to wear your plus size jackets, you can also opt to wear it gypsy style. How do you wear it? Choose a jacket that has a colorful pattern like tribal or patchwork and wear it over a loose shirt and pair it with denim shorts, mid-high booties and partner it with friendship bracelets, a knuckle ring and some other additional accessories like moonstone ring and feather earrings. You can also put your hair in a loose braid and you’ll be a hippie wanderlust in no time and everybody will be digging that.X - goinggirlywithyourplussizejackets 1

Wearing plus size jackets can really be easy; it is a great trend that hopefully will be available for the coming years because of its capability to complement any outfit. Plus, you can even mix and match it to your preferred persona at any given day; it is totally worth to have it as a wardrobe staple.

Sexy, Classy, and Flexible Velvet Stretch Lennox Trouser

X - Velvet Stretch Lennox TrouserIf you are looking for an outfit that will flatter your body, you may want to match your favorite top with this black Velvet Stretch Lennox Trouser. It has a leg-lengthening effect, and as we know, black is also quite slimming.Hence, you will definitely look slimmer and taller once you wear these trousers. Needless to say, tall and slender women shall expect these trousers to accentuate their features.

How to Wear It

Since black is versatile, you can pair these trousers with a top of any color.The stretch style also makes it flexible for any event and situation, from simple hanging out with friends to formal gatherings.For this, it is indeed very practical to include some trousers in your overall fashion statement.

Casual Get Up

You may wear these trousers when you go to the mall with your friends or meet them up at your favorite ice cream parlor. Just wear it with your favorite cotton top and flats, and you are good to go. Add a few accessories if you want to look more fabulous.

Trousers can also be paired with boots, especially if you want to look more feisty and strong. Complete the get up with accessories like bangles or rock bracelets.

Office Get Up

Wear your smart casual or semi-formal top and pair it with these trousers.You may also put on a semi-formal coat and a scarf. Weara simple pair of heels and a few accessories, and you’ll be ready for a whole working day.

Formal Gathering Get Up

You can also wear these trousers in formal dinner meetings with your colleagues or business partners. Wearing a blazer or any formal top will do. Complete the get up with a pair of heels, and put on a choker or some pieces of jewelry to accentuate your overall look.

Aside from elegant dresses, trousers can also give you a stylish and marvelous look. It is also very convenient to own one because you can use it in a lot of occasions and situations. To look bold, you may pair it with a black top. To look more graceful yet still strong, wear a combination of black and white top. You may also play with different color combinations that suit your taste. For a fashionable woman like you who is always on the go, a pair of trousers can really be a perfect fashion buddy.

Long Sleeved Dressed Reinvented

Fashion is constantly being reinvented. Designs from years past are transformed into beautiful new creations well deserving of a second look. Thanks to creative fashion designers, long sleeved dresses are seeing a new revival. Many new creations are available that are rapidly transforming this classic of yesteryear into a forerunner of fashion.



Vintage inspired fashions of all forms are quickly gaining in popularity. For many the allure stems from an ability to take old clothing and dress it up inexpensively, although the inspiration behind the design style does not start from a thrifty nature. Many icons of fashion from yesterday such as puffy sleeves and luxurious materials are reappearing on our runways and shelves, and the modern versions are fabulous.

Easy to accessorise

Long sleeved dresses match a wide variety of garments and accessories. A big advantage to this style of dress is that one dress can be worn many times as simple additions to your outfit can result in huge transformations. Jewellery and makeup changes have never been easier and accessories such as shawls, scarves and jackets all match very well to a long sleeved dress. Basic colours should be contrasted with other fashion items such as belts and handbags, a good use of contrast in your choice of outfit can do wonders to highlight your personal style.

What is next?

Although long sleeved dresses are extremely tasteful, versatile and diverse, popularity of this style has only recently begun growing. New interest in fashion always breeds new designs and based on what is currently on offer, we cannot wait to see what is coming next. Long sleeved dresses may be inspired by the designs of yesteryear, but the modern incarnations reflect very little of their originals. Sexy, alluring and easily matched to other parts of your wardrobe, long sleeved dressed are here to stay.